IFS powder coatings for the

retail environment

Design with confidence using IFS powder coatings for interior and exterior retail environments. Perfect for use on metal substrates, add hard working color, texture, metallics and special effects using IFS powder.


Stores, restaurants, cinemas – they all have to look great, be welcoming, on brand and enticing and stand up to day to day abuse. The surfaces in these places are touched, knocked and kicked and have fingerprints, bags, purses, backpacks and phones on them on a day to day basis. Powder coatings are the perfect match for these environments, as they not only look great, but due to their thermosetting properties, offer a tough, hard, durable, protective finish that can stand up to the day to day demands placed on them.

The IFS architectural grade products meet and exceed the AAMA specifications and are perfect for storefront and exterior applications. Our interior products come with protection built in as standard and are available in thousands of colors and special effects. Textures, metallics, hammertones, veins and sparkles are just some of the ways in which our powders bring the retail experience to life.

Whether it’s racking and shelving (check out the special anti-scratch/scrape features), pop ups, accessories, furniture, kick boards or windows, doors and storefront, IFS powders for the retail environment will protect and decorate.

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Customer service is what sets us apart. We are happy to send sample chips and color cards to you and your customers. A good stock range, an industry leading color matching service and speed and efficiency come as standard. Our Polychem brand for interiors also offers flexible batch sizes, and a “match it, make it, mail it” policy designed to get you what you need. Talk to us about what you and your clients need and we will do our best to support you however we can.

Our specification team will work with you to ensure that the hard work and effort you put into your design is exactly what ends up in the store. We’ll work with you to help reduce the chance of misinterpretation or inferior or less sustainable products being switched into the project. We’re here to help, from advising on product choice and creating color samples to assisting in finding a certified applicator for exterior applications and getting the right powder to right place at the right time. We know how important specifying the right coating is and we are here to help.

Where to use powder in the retail environment

IFS powder coatings can be used on metal substrates within the retail environment. If you have a particular application in mind, talk to your IFS representative who can advise you on the right product type, color and effect availability and custom color options. Here are just some of the areas using powder coatings:

Exterior applications

  • Curtain wall
  • Storefront
  • Panels
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Skylights
  • Fencing

Interior applications

  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Panels
  • Racking and shelving
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Ceiling grids
  • Furniture
  • Accent pieces
  • Decorative pieces

As color experts we pride ourselves in our ability to make color work for you. We have over 55,000 colors already matched, so choose from classic whites, blacks, greys, silvers, browns and bronzes as well as primary brights, soft pastels or interesting muted shades. Every one of those shades is available as matte through to high gloss, flat or metallic, or in a special effects including antique, textures, patterns. hammertones and more.

The IFS brand, Polychem, also offers an enormous range of interior colors, tints and blends that are the ideal way to buy fantastic colors in flexible quantities (starting at 5lbs), quickly. Visit the Polychem site or email us for more details.

Custom color matching

Color matching is our specialty at IFS, so if you can’t find exactly the right shade we can match it for you quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a match to a sample panel or a swatch of fabric, talk to us about your color matching requirements and we’ll make it happen.

Customer brand development

IFS color expertize and product flexibility allows you to keep control of your customers brand identity in every aspect of the retail environment. No matter what the application, at IFS we will work with you to ensure that your color palette is created in suitable powder formulations and your customer’s brand identity is continued throughout every aspect of the store.

IFS powder coatings are tough and durable, offer excellent scratch and mar resistance and will enhance and protect high use and high touch areas. The IFS product range for retail environments will ensure you choose the perfect product to offer the ultimate in good value powder coating protection.


Perfect for all interior applications our standard polyesters will meet the AAMA 2603 specification and are available in every color and effect.

Super Durables

The IFS super durable range is perfect for windows, doors and commercial storefront, or  interior applications requiring a higher level of durability and chemical resistance. IFS super durables will meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2604.


IFS Fluoropolymers offer a top of the range, world class, exterior finish that will meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605. Equivalent to a 70% liquid PVDF finish, the IFS 500FP range is used on curtain wall, windows and storefront.

Additional functionality

When the end use demands additional functionality, we have a range fo products that will make your product work harder.

IFS anti-microbial

Available to add to any interior product, the IFS anti-microbial solution uses silver ions, which not only help to inhibit the growth of microbes, but as silver is a naturally occurring element, are also environmentally sustainable.

IFS anti-graffiti

Removing unwanted graffiti is challenging, time consuming and expensive. With that in mind, the IFS R&D team has created a high quality powder coating that significantly helps with the removal of graffiti, using common solvents. Add IFS anti-graffiti products for interior and exterior applications.

IFS scratch

Some surfaces have to work harder than others. Think super market shelves having cans dragged over them repeatedly, or home improvement stores with rows upon rows of metal racking. IFS has developed unique scratch resistant powders that will protect these scratch prone surfaces for longer. Talk to us about your anti-scratch requirements.