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High performance, durable IFS powders for exterior and interior architectural applications. Choose from a vast array of colors and effects and world class protection.


IFS architectural powder coatings are high performance, high quality, factory applied, durable coatings designed specifically with architectural applications in mind. Suitable for use on aluminum and steel for both interior and exterior applications, the IFS architectural range offers excellent durability, good chemical resistance and mechanical performance and is a true sustainable alternative to liquid PVDF and anodized finishes. What's more IFS Coatings' architectural range comes with Environmental Product Declarations that contribute towards LEED credits.

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The IFS architectural product range is comprised of first class, high performance architectural grade powders that are designed to meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605, 2604 and 2603. This means our high performance exterior grade powders offer excellent weatherability, including color and gloss retention, salt spray and humidity resistance. They are also designed to stand up to the tough chemical and mechanical tests outlined in the AAMA specs.


Product performance is essential – protecting the substrate is simply essential. Making sure it looks great and lives up to your design expectations is also important. IFS architectural powder are available in thousands of colors, gloss levels and effects, including metallics, textures and more.


Just like with liquid PVDF finishes, IFS high performance powder coatings come with a limited warranty, when they are applied to architectural grade aluminum by a certified applicator. Like most coating warranties, the powder’s performance is linked to the test/pass requirements of the relevant AAMA specification. The parameters of the limited warranty is in turn linked to that performance level.

Using a certified applicator is really important. To give our powders a 20 year limited warranty, we have to be confident that the applicator knows what they are doing and can manage their pretreatment and application to the high AAMA standards. Our certified applicators have been thoroughly tested – including pretreatment, line and oven audits, as well as coated samples being put through the relevant AAMA tests. There are certified applicators all over the USA and beyond. To find a certified applicator near you or your project, just give us a call or contact us with your question.


IFS powder really is a more environmentally responsible choice. By choosing powder you are getting the same or better performance from the coating, a choice of thousands colors and effects, the same type of warranty, AAMA compliance, but with a lot less impact on the environment. Check out why IFS powder is the more environmentally responsible choice.


IFS Coatings offer AIA approved lunch and learn presentations for architectural, design and engineering firms to enable you to learn more about powder. Contact us for details.

At IFS we are rightfully proud of our architectural product range. We offer 3 different product types, all available in thousands of colors and effects. It’s no coincidence that there are three AAMA coatings specifications and three IFS architectural powder grades. Our high performance architectural powders are formulated to meet and exceed the the AAMA specifications. What's more, each of them comes with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which contributes to LEED points. Make the environmentally responsible choice with out compromising on performance.  For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or talk to your local representative.


Backed by years of test data and a wealth of experience, IFS 500FP is a genuine Lumiflon FEVE resin based, high performance, powder coating suitable for high end architectural applications. It meets and exceeds the performance requirements of the tough AAMA 2605 requirements (including 10 years Florida testing) and will meet and exceed your expectations. Whilst protection is key, ensuring your design vision is fulfilled is a top priority, so IFS 500FP is available in a range of colors, metallic sparkles, textures and effects. We appreciate that ensuring the integrity of the architectural design is essential, so excellent IFS warranties, up to 20 years, are available. IFS 500FP is the ideal high performance powder coating for high value residential, commercial and monumental applications. Check out the IFS 500FP EPD here.


IFS 400SD is a highly developed, high performance super durable powder coating that provides extended exterior durability coverage. It meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2604 and IFS 400SD is the perfect super durable powder coating to safeguard aluminum and steel. IFs 400SD is used on both residential and commercial applications including windows, doors, storefront and curtain wall. A wide choice of colors, metallics, textures and special effects complete the IFS 400SD offering along with a choice of 5 or 10 year warranties. Check out the IFS 400SD EPD here.


Perfect for all interior and some lower value exterior architectural applications, IFS 300SP meets and exceeds the performance requirements of the AAMA 2603 specification. Available in a huge range of colors and effects, IFS 300SP offers an ideal entry level architectural powder coating. Check out the IFS 300SP EPD here.





Specifying high performance powder coatings couldn't be easier. Whether it's our simple cut and paste spec wording, product info, test data, warranty information, color matching or coating advice, we can help you.

Simple spec wording.

Download and copy/paste the simple spec wording for high performance organic powder coatings here. If the spec wording outlined here doesn't work for your specific spec, contact us here and we will work with you to make sure you have the right wording.

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AAMA 2605                              AAMA 2604                              AAMA 2603

See the typical applications of each product below.

Specifying the right grade product

"Powder Coating" can be a very generic label. We don't put the same powder coating on refrigerators as we do on the exterior of a building and give it a 20 year warranty!  Make sure you choose the right type of powder coating for your application. The basics are below, they link to more info, or contact us for help with your exact application.

IFS Product   Exterior?   Typical Applications               Product type            AAMA        Warranty

IFS 500FP      Exterior       Curtain wall, windows, doors    Fluoropolymer           2605           20 yrs*

IFS 400SD      Exterior       Storefront, windows                 Super Durable           2604           10 yrs*

IFS 300SP      Interior        All interior applications             Standard Polyester   2603            N/A

 *When applied to architectural aluminum by a certified applicator

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for LEED credits

Each of the IFS architectural grade high performance powder coatings come with an EPD which contribute to LEED points. LEED v4 requires all vendors to LEED projects to have an EPD. Make the simple switch to high performance powders. Excellent long term exterior performance, excellent warranties, excellent color choice, excellent environmental footprint.

What types of buildings benefit from powder?

The simple answer is – any building! High performance architectural grade powder is used on metal parts of many types of buildings all over the world. The list includes:

  • Individual housing
  • Condominiums
  • Mixed use
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Skyscrapers
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums
  • Government buildings
  • Malls

Check out just a few of the thousands of projects benefitting from IFS high performance architectural powder protection in our projects section.

Where can I use powder on architectural projects?

Powder is best suited to metal substrates. In the architectural world this usually means aluminum or steel. So wherever you use metal, you can powder coat. Exterior parts benefit from the full protection of high performance architectural grade powder coatings.

The list goes on and on, but here are just some areas that are perfect for powder:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Skylights
  • Storefront
  • Curtain wall
  • Mullions
  • Extrusions
  • Fencing
  • Hardware
  • Ceiling grids
  • Partitions
  • Furniture
  • Room trim
  • Accessories
  • Racking & shelving
  • Lighting
  • Partitions



Architectural Colors and Effects

As well as technical performance, at IFS Coatings we understand ensuring the decorative properties of architectural projects is essential. With this in mind, we offer an extensive range of architectural colors and special effects for both interior and exterior architectural applications.

Traditional architectural colors such as grey, silver, bronze, black, white and beige and warm earthy tones, muted reds, greens and blues are all available and can be enjoyed as solid colors or with metallic sparkles added. Our metallic range features platinum, silver and champagne shades and our anodized effect colors are available in silvers, blue, bronze and gold shades. From matte to high gloss we can adjust the gloss of your coating, so whether it’s a flat black or a high gloss green simply let us know what you need. What’s more, sometimes super smooth just won’t do. There are a range of textures available to add a tactile dimension and an interesting look to your coating,

Our architectural color card features 26 colors including solid shades, metallics and even anodized effect powders. Contact us here to order your copy of our architectural card.

Interiors often require a wider range of colors. Whether it's RAL shades, Pantones*, interior paint matches (Benjamin Moore is always a popular one), soft pastel ice cream shades, or bright neons we have the perfect powder.

Many special effects such as hammertones and veins are also available for interior use. Contact us to order an IFS color card which features some of these interior shades, or an RAL color card.. To order special effect sample panels click here.

With over 55,000 colors in our database, we can’t put everything on our cards! However chances are we will have the shade you are looking for – or something very close. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask!­­

Our color selector features many of the stocked colors we offer. If you don’t find what you need – just ask!

Make sure the color or effect you want is available in a product type suitable to the end application. When choosing colors, make sure your confirm that the shade is available in the right chemistry.

Custom colors

For both exterior and interior architectural powders, we know your project may need its own specific color palette. So we will work with you to make sure that the colors and effects are exactly what you need. Whether you want to match your shade something else, or take a standard color and tweak it slightly, we are happy to help. Effects such as metallic and textures can also be added to any color. Talk to us about our custom color making capabilities.

With any coating, powder or liquid, there are some limitations on what is achievable at the higher levels of exterior durability. Quite simply, the pigments for some shades (for example, bright red) that will offer the durability required for these specifications are not available. However there is a vast range of colors that are available and will meet the exterior durability demands all the way up to the AAMA 2605 specification. Similarly, not all gloss levels or metallic effects can be achieved at an AAMA 2605 level.  Talk to your IFS architectural advisor for advice.

*Not all Pantone shades are possible to match in powder coating. Talk to your representative to see if the shade you require is possible.

AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association,) sets the standards for coating performance on architectural applications. AAMA produces 3 different level of ‘Voluntary Specification Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Pigmented Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels’. These are AAMA 2605, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2603 and each requires a different level of coating testing and performance.

To meet the AAMA specifications, coated panels are put through a series of tests to determine how the aesthetic and protective qualities of the coatings perform.

AAMA tests include:

  • Dry film hardness
  • Adhesion
  • Impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Humidity resistance
  • Weathering resistance

The AAMA coatings specifications are particularly important when dealing with weathering (exterior durability) performance. To ensure the aesthetic properties of the coating are maintained over time, coated panels are tested in Florida (actually known as Florida testing) for ten (AAMA 2605), five (AAMA 2604) and one (AAMA 2603) years. The Florida weather allows the coatings to be continuously exposed to harsh UV light, humidity and salt air. After exposure to these conditions, the aesthetic properties, namely color and gloss, are measured.

At each level of AAMA powder coatings, they outline basic requirements such as:

  1. Multi stage cleaning and pre-treatment are required and essential to preparing the substrate to receive the powder coating and allow the powder to cover and protect the surface as efficiently as possible.
  2. Coatings shall be visibly free from flow lines, streaks, blisters or other imperfections in the dry film state on exposed surfaces when observed at a distance of 3m.


The 3 AAMA coating specifications

AAMA 2605

AAMA 2605 requires that coated panels are tested in Florida for 10 years. At the end of the testing, the color must not change more than 5 Delta E units. Chalking must not be more than a number 8 rating based on the ASTM 4214 test and there should be a minimum of 50% gloss retention.

IFS and AAMA 2605

IFS has a full range of high performance Fluoropolymer powders that meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605. These are called IFS 500FP. Using state of the art FEVE resin systems, these high performance coatings will ensure a world class AAMA 2605 level performance. IFS 500FP coatings are suitable for commercial and monumental windows, doors, skylights and curtain wall. Warranties up to 20 years are available for IFS 500FP Fluoropolymer powder coatings when applied to architectural aluminum by an IFS Certified Applicator.

AAMA 2604

AAMA 2604 requires that coated panels are tested in Florida for 5 years. At the end of the testing, the color must not change more than 5 Delta E units. Chalking must not be more than a number 8 rating based on the ASTM 4214 test and there should be a minimum of 30% gloss retention.

IFS and AAMA 2604

IFS has a full range of high performance powders that meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2604. These are sold as IFS 400SD.
Using super durable polyester resin systems, these coatings will meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2604 and are suitable for applications such as residential and commercial. Both 5 and 10 year warranties are available for IFS super durable powder coatings when applied to architectural aluminum by an IFS Certified Applicator.

AAMA 2603

AAMA 2603 requires that coated panels are tested in Florida for 1 year. At the end of the testing, checking, cracking, crazing or loss of adhesion after taping and only slight chalking and fading should occur to the coating.

IFS and AAMA 2603

IFS has a full range of powders that meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2603. These are sold as IFS 300SP. Using standard polyester resin systems, these coatings will ensure a solid AAMA 2603 level performance and are suitable for applications such as residential windows, doors, skylight, fencing, fixtures and handrails.


The IFS high performance architectural powder range offers architects, designers, specifiers, consultants, engineers, general contractors and coaters a world class protective and decorative coating option.

IFS architectural powders offer many advantages including:

  • The same or better performance than traditional liquid PVDF paints
  • IFS powders meet and exceed the performance requirements of  AAMA 2605, 2604 and 2603
  • IFS architectural powders are available in thousands of colors and effects
  • IFS architectural powders are available in various gloss levels
  • IFS architectural powders can have anti-microbial or anti-grafitti capability added to them.
  • Significant environmental advantages including:
    • No solvents/VOCs
    • Single coat  applications mean less product and less energy being used
    • Overspray powder can be reclaimed and reused/recycled, giving up to 97% utilization rate
    • Lower carbon dioxide emissions
    • No hazardous waste generated during the application process
    • No chrome base primer required. In fact no primer at all required.
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended
    • IFS Coatings architectural range come with EPDs that contribute to LEED credits,
  • Improved pre-treatment options - powder is compatible with chrome or non-chrome pre-treat, unlike liquid PVDF that MUST use chrome based pretreat
  • Great film integrity
  • Unbeatable scratch resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Improved performance against damage
  • World class color and gloss retention
  • Great corrosion protection
  • Thermosetting properties and inherent toughness mean powder coated surfaces are less susceptible to the settling of dirt and mildew growth.
  • Excellent, comparable warranties
  • Competitive pricing

 EPD Arch pg image 300 square

IFS Coatings is proud to have three Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), one for each product in the architectural series.

An EPD is an internationally recognized and standardized document, based on a life cycle assessment, that is used to communicate information about the potential environmental and human health impacts of a product . Similar to a nutritional label, an EPD states what a product is made of and its impacts across the entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal.

IFS 500FP  our high performance powder coating that meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2605,  IFS 400SD high performance powder coating that meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2604 and IFS 300SP, the IFS standard polyester coating that meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2603, have all achieved an EPD.

IFS Coatings EPDs meets the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED V4 Green Building Rating System under the Material Resources credit for Building Product Disclosure and Optimization. The IFS Coatings EPDs can also be used to meet the requirements of other green building ratings programs such BREAM and WELL.

Check out the IFS Coatings EPDs:

 IFS 500FP     IFS 400SD      IFS 300SP                         

Every year we create our powder coating color trends. The color trends 2017/18 are made up of 4 trends, each featuring its own palette of colors. This year the color trends are Verdure, Communities and Connections, Reinvention and Refreshing Radiance.  Our color trend palettes are carefully created to represent what’s happening in the world. From the continuing focus on the environment, to the blurring of our virtual and real worlds, communities and cultures the palettes showcase both colors and special effects that represent these trends.

As well as the overarching trend palette, an architectural color trend collection is also available. Created specifically for architects and designers, we have chosen shades from each of the four trends to create an architectural trend collection. Design professionals want to use on-trend shades, but need the coatings to perform to the very highest exterior architectural standards. Our architectural trend palette is comprised of high performance architectural grade powders in key colors and effects taken from our main 2017/18 trends. They are available in every architectural product level, including IFS 500FP, our high performance Fluoropolymer coatings.