IFS Powder Products

At IFS Coatings, our powder coatings are high quality, thermosetting powders. As you can see below, our powder coatings come in a choice of chemistries, that give the coating certain characteristics.  The choice of chemistry will depend on the intended end use, required properties (e.g., exterior durability, corrosion/chemical resistance, flexibility) and cost.

IFS powder coating products are formulated in many different chemistries including:

For just some of the products we have available in various colors, click here. With over 55,000 colors in many different chemistries it's impossible to include everything we have available, so if you don’t find what you need, let us know.

Need a custom formulation? Talk to us about exactly what you need.

We can make these chemistries in many different colors - the backbone chemistry remains the same, and the color and gloss change to create the product you want in the color you need.

As well as these clever chemistries, we also have a range of powder primers, designed to add a protective basecoat to certain substrates. IFS Purecoat is the name of our range of beautiful powder clear coats, that enable an additional level of protection to be added to various applications.

Our world class powders can also be formulated to include additional characteristics such as:

How are powders different to liquid paints?

Our thermosetting powders cure (or, alternatively, crosslink) upon the application of heat to chemically change to form a three-dimensional structure that will not re-melt.  They are different from thermoplastics (liquid paints are thermoplastic) as thermoplastics do not have a cure reaction and will re-melt if reheated.