Anti-microbial powders

IFS coatings can be formulated with anti-microbial capability. These clever coatings use silver ions to help inhibit the growth of microbes on the powder coated surface. What’s more, as silver is a naturally occurring element, the silver ions used are also environmentally responsible and have been shown to offer protection without high toxicity to humans and animals. microbes

Designed for use on a wide range of applications including laboratories, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, child care facilities, public transit, play equipment, handrails, fitness equipment and high use areas.

How does it work?

When moisture is present, IFS anti-microbial coatings release silver ions, which can attach themselves to a microbe’s cellular enzyme which inhibits the growth of microbes. Anti-microbial capability can be added to most IFS formulations and the coating will retain its anti-microbial capability over time.

Anti-microbial Purecoat

IFS Purecoat is the IFS range of high quality clear coats. IFS anti-microbial coatings are put through strict, premium testing and achieve excellent test results. IFS anti-microbial powders pass ISO22196 and JIS Z 2801 testing standards for efficacy. IFS anti-microbial Purecoat clears also boast excellent UV resistance, performing to BHMA specifications.