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You’re in the right place to find high quality powder coatings and unparalleled service.  Check out the great range of products, colors and services that IFS has available, from our world class architectural range to over 55,000 colors in many different chemistries, or order brochures, color cards, sample chips and powder or simply ask us a question!

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AAMA compliant, IFS powders for exterior and interior architectural applications. Choose from a vast array of colors and effects and world class protection.

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kitchen appliances

Tough, hardworking, scratch resistant powder coatings that will safe guard and add style to kitchen appliances for domestic and commercial use.

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Choose from thousands of colors and effects that will also bring durability, scratch resistance and style to any furniture piece.

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retail environment

Design with confidence using IFS powder coatings for interior and exterior retail environments. Perfect for use on metal substrates, add hard working color, texture, metallics and special effects using IFS powder.


powder coatings from IFS

High quality, competitive powders for refinishing, under-hood, wheels and more. A first class selection of products, colors and clears.

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Industry leading service, flexibility, a range of chemistries and over 55,000 colors. IFS Coatings is the job shops best friend.

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agricultural, construction and earth moving equipment

Hard working products need hard working coatings. Choose from a wide selection of powders created with strong, durable performance in mind.

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general industrial applications

A great choice of product technologies and colors make IFS powder coatings suitable for all types of industrial application.

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Modern, contemporary, traditional, antique…choose from quality powders that will protect and decorate all types of domestic and commercial lighting.

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IFS powder coatings for


First rate powders for hardware such as door handles, faucets and more. Clever powders offering excellent technical prowess with a smooth finish and excellent clarity and color.

IFS powder Coatings for


Check out our Environmental Product Declarations and make the environmentally responsible coating choice, without compromising on performance. Get LEED points and make sustainable design work for you.

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RALs 25lbs


SCS Verified EnvProducDeclarationBasedonOnLCA 1CG 200 x 200IFS powders are the environmentally responsible choice. There are no solvents or VOCs in our powder coatings and no toxic compounds or dangerous substances (e.g. lead). IFS powder coatings can achieve superior chemical, mechanical and weathering performance with a single coat. This means less product used AND less energy.

Any over spray can be reclaimed, and reused or recycled, giving up to a 97% utilization rate. What’s more, there is no toxic sludge, and therefore toxic landfill, created during the application process. IFS powders can be applied over a chrome or non-chrome pre-treatment and DO NOT require a chrome based primer. Check out our Environmental Product Declarations!

Powder coatings are recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Colors and Effects

Choosing the right color or effect is important. At IFS we have over 55,000 colors and effects, including color standards such as RALs, Federal Standards and ANSI shades. Our color capability ranges from beautiful blacks, a vast array of whites, warm bronzes browns and cool silvers and greys, through every variation of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue and green. We also have a fantastic selection of metallics, and special effects including translucent shades, hammertones, veins and textures.

If you need a color match or have a specific shade in mind let us know. We will work with you, using the latest color matching technology and create YOUR match.

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Powder Vs. Liquid

Powder coatings are a competitive alternative to traditional liquid coatings. As well as being far superior in terms of sustainability (think no VOCs, no toxic compounds, no toxic landfill created during application, no chrome based primer required, improved pretreatment options…) in most applications, powders will offer the same or better performance.

Superior performance in terms of scratch resistance, abrasion and film integrity comes as standard and some powder chemistries will also offer improved color and gloss retention. What’s more, many more special effects, such as hammer tones, veins and translucents simply can’t be done in a liquid coating, but are standard powder coatings.

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Your IFS representative is working for you. Whether it’s one of our experienced technical sales reps, your dedicated customer service executive or our technical and application experts, we will do our best for you.

We know you need to manage your powder supply and sometimes you need it quick. Stocked items will be sent out as quickly as possible from receiving the order (subject to availability). IFS also specializes in custom manufacturing. Custom matches are available in 7 – 10 business days. Talk to us about your needs and we will do our utmost to help you keep your business running.

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No business runs the same from day to day. With IFS you will benefit from a choice of chemistries, flexible batch sizes and delivery options, as well as industry leading turn-around times.

You also have flexibility in your color choice. The IFS color creation experts are ready to help you create exactly the right shade or special effect for your project. Whether it’s ensuring your customers brand colors are created in powder, matching a fabric swatch or color ship or mixing colors and effects together to create a powder that is perfect you, we can do it. IFS is the flexible choice.

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At IFS we have a world class range of chemistries that will offer incredible protection to your product. IFS powders are thermosetting which ensure they benefit from great film integrity, incredible scratch and mar resistance and superior abrasion resistance. Whether it’s corrosion protection, chemical resistance, mechanical performance, or weathering ability we have a powder technology that will help you protect your product.

Talk to us about what YOU need from your coating.