IFS High Performance Fluoropolymers

IFS high performance Fluoropolymer powder coatings represent the highest exterior durable systems available today. The IFS fluoropolymer range is named IFS 500FP. They are comprised of fluorinated copolymers as the coating backbone and take advantage of the carbon-fluorine bond, one of the strongest chemical bonds that is almost impossible to break. The resin used in IFS 500FP is Lumiflon - the best FEVE resin for powder coatings available today.  IFS high performance Fluoropolymer powder coatings will meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605, and are the perfect choice when long lasting color and gloss retention and corrosion protection are required. They offer:

  • superior weatherability
  • superior color and gloss retentionphoto3 400x 300
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • excellent impact resistance and hardness when compared with liquid coatings
  • can be formulated in solid, metallic and anodic style effects

There are few disadvantages to using IFS high performance Fluoropolymers where long term exterior durability is important, however users should be aware that like competing high performance liquid products, Fluoropoylmers are more expensive and offer a more limited color palette as compared to super durable powders

Fluoropolymer powder coatings are almost exclusively used on exterior applications, especially in the ultra-high durable architectural market on commercial, residential, monumental buildings including high value residential, commercial storefront, curtain wall, skyscrapers, hospitals, malls, government buildings and stadiums.

Find IFS fluoropolymers here.

The IFS architectural color card features standard architectural colors in Fluoropolymer formulations. High performance Fluoropolymers can also be custom formulated and regularly matched to architect palettes. 

Please note that these represent general guidelines. Talk to the IFS lab or representative for a more detailed explanation and specific uses.