IFS powder coatings for

general industrial applications

A great choice of product technologies and colors make IFS powder coatings suitable for all types of industrial application.

General Industrial Applications

IFS powder coatings have a huge range of chemistries and colors designed for many different industrial metal applications. Water bottles, propane tanks, electrical transformers, shelving, beer towers and much, much more, all require quality powder coatings.

Whether you need a cost effective solution, a specific level of performance from your powder, a protective primer, or a real choice of beautiful colors and effects, we have it covered. The same goes for technical expertize, application support, product advice, color matching, fast turnaround times, flexible batch sizes and competitive pricing. The fact that it will also be the environmentally responsible choice goes without saying.

IFS primers are the perfect protective base coat to add an additional layer of performance to your metal substrate. IFS primers include:

  • KW primer – based on epoxy resin and modified to offer good corrosion. For interior applications only.
  • Epoxy primer – excellent corrosion and exterior longevity.
  • Zinc rich primer – additional zinc extruded in so it offers excellent corrosion for exterior applications.
  • OGF primer – eases outgassing on parts like castings or galvanizing. It's epoxy based so best suited to interior applications.
  • Conductive primer – provides surface resistance and good chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Zinc rich conductive primer – excellent corrosion for exterior applications plus additional surface resistance.

Support when you need it

Making sure you have the right product for your application is as important to us as it is to you. The IFS team is here to advise and support you – whether it’s our technical experts, color professionals or specification team.

Frequently asked questions can be found here, but if you want a real conversation, with a real person? No problem. Give us a call and we’ll get an expert in your area to help you with your powder needs.

Products for general industrial applications

There are so many metal products that require protective and decorative coatings. At IFS we have a full range of chemistries and technologies to ensure whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Choose IFS products formulated in:

Epoxy (primers)   Epoxy polyester hybrids
Polyester TGIC   Polyester TGIC-free
Super Durable polyester TGIC   Super Durable Polyester TGIC-free
Fluoropolymers   Polyurethane
Acrylic   Acrylic hybrids
UV/EB sure   IR and Near IR
Out-gas forgiving   Low temperature cure


For more information on all of our product chemistries, visit our products section.               

You can also add anti-microbial and anti-graffiti capability to your product, improve the scratch and mar, rub or finger print resistance of your powder. Talk to us about what you need from your powder.