IFS has a broad range of products suited to ACE applications and designed to be as tough, robust, durable and long lasting as the machines themselves. Most of these products are used outside, so ensuring good weathering so the coating retains its color and gloss against the elements is important. Likewise, snow ploughs that constantly face up to salt and snow, or earth moving equipment or lawn mowers working in Florida that need to stand up to excessive humidity, need excellent salt and humidity resistance. Similarly, the physicality of what these machines do day in and day out calls for a hard coating with superior mechanical performance and awesome scratch resistance. IFS powder coatings offer all of that and more.

Whether it’s resilient primers that add additional corrosion protection to steel substrates, durable, heavy-duty top coats in beautiful colors that are smooth and easy to apply, additional scratch resistance, or custom formulas designed to meet the specific requirements of your specification, we can help.

Check out the various IFS products in our products section and contact us to talk to someone in your area with the technical expertise to make sure you get the right powder for your needs.