IFS Color Trends 2017

Every year we put together our color trend collection. For 2017/18 it’s made up of 4 key trends that we see happening in the world around us, and each trend has a color palette of 10-12 colors that reflect that trend. It’s a great way to introduce your customers to beautiful new colors and the trends themselves are a great talking point. For more detailed info book our 1 hour color trend presentation for your design group.

Our 2017/18 collection embraces 4 trends:

Each color palette is made up of a selection of colors and effects that have been carefully chosen to represent each of the 4 trends.

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At IFS we work with color every day. So as well as the 55,000 colors that are in our color database that we have worked with and matched, we see what's new, what's happening and the special effects that are popular.

Every year, after a lot of research, discussion and consultation with those in the know, we put together our trend collection. We identify the trends we see happening in society at large, and from those trends, the colors flow.

This year we have 4 trends:

Each color palette is made up of a selection of colors and effects that have been carefully chosen to represent each of the 4 trends. As well as the full color trend palette, a special architectural palette is also available for our many architects and designers.


Environmental issues have been at the forefront of our thinking and a recurring theme for many years now. It’s simplyVerdure 1LR200 a trend that thankfully, is not going away.  The whole world is becoming more impassioned, enthusiastic and ardent about sustainability. For years now, our kids have been taught the importance of environmental responsibility, and these generations now have an inbuilt sense of it's importance.

As well as thinking and acting more responsibly towards our planet, we also feel the importance of nature and value the connection we have with it. There’s a belief across cultures and nations that a closeness to nature equals a way to improve mind and soul. Maybe that’s why we realize how important it is to protect it. We are going organic, recycling and reusing, reducing waste, protecting our surroundings and rejuvenating our spirit with time in nature. So many of us choose to “get away from it all” in nature, but getting away from it all is increasingly difficult to do! Even when we make the effort to get away from it on vacation, we still don’t completely disconnect – our phones, our iPads come with us. The opposing forces are quite stark – we live in an increasingly urban world yet value nature, we want to de-stress and disconnect yet are addicted to technology that makes it impossible. Even technology that we use every day takes it name form nature – the cloud anyone? In fact as more of our life moves into the cloud along with that comes a realization that experience can be better than acquisition. With all of this in mind, its no great surprise that the natural world is once again a real design influence.

It’s no great surprise that this color palette welcomes a host of warm earthy greens and browns. There’s not many places where you see a straight shot of color in the natural world, so be prepared for some gentle, subtle and color enhancing effects.

The world is no longer a group of independent countries with defined borders and cultures. We are a global nation communities and connectionsLR200that is connected in many different ways. Technology has made the world so much smaller. Global immigration truly started decades ago, and communication is super quick and easy, so the way we share ideas, cultures and the way we live together are blending to form new communities. Not only are we blending the on and offline communities we live, work and play in, but we take our role in the global community seriously too. We realize the actions that we take impact others. Diversity abounds in all aspects of design from fashion to interiors to architecture and has driven an emphasis on the quality, the carefully chosen and the designed to last. Throw away culture simply doesn’t click with our environmental thinking yet taking care and being appreciative of all that we have is something the western world at least, struggles to install in the younger generations,

This color palette is brighter than the others, though still retains a muted appeal. Fresh and fun shades that work with the earthy colors we find all over the world, from a delicious Pearl Genetian blue to a violet toned red. This palette is reminiscent of decorative murals that represent the communities we call home.

Everything is blurred. Lines and definition no longer exist, from the borders and identities to the virtual and the real. Reinvention 1LR200Work life and personal life are blurring – it’s no longer as much about working from home but more about office anywhere, just as we look to achieve more balance between work and play. Driverless cars and drone delivery are bringing cutting edge technology to our everyday life. Spotting the difference between computer generated and real life is increasingly difficult. Boundaries are shifting, and with that has come a trend for reinvention and acceptance. Taking what’s current and reinventing it within these blurred lines is key.

Technology has also given rise to the “now, now, now mentality, and so reinventing ourselves or what we want is so much quicker. Self-expression is encouraged and the labels and categories of old are being brushed aside. Of course we turn to technology for support – tweeting, posting and snapping evidence of our thoughts, ideas and expressions and looking for that thumbs up, tag and like that our ‘squad’ are only too happy to provide.

With this reinvention we see acceptance – accepting individual expression, our reinvention of traditional or existing ideas and acceptance of both the virtual and real..

The colors in this palette are generally muted but show a bold range from multi-component effects in silver, grey and black to brownish orange and reds complimented with a pop of something brighter.

A harsh urban reality, the glare of never ending screens and radiating car lights, non-stop movement and constant regreshing radianceLR200connection all have us stepping back and looking for a different kind of radiance, a new romance. Romance can be defined as “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life” and as we turn inwards we are seeing a refreshing radiance appear with a soft romantic hue. 

For hundreds of years and across many different cultures, religions and societies, we see many different approaches to love. It’s therefore not surprising that, as Alain de Botton points out, “our relationships must in practice owe rather a lot to the prevailing environment beyond our bedrooms.” Love unfolds against a cultural backdrop that creates a powerful sense of what is “normal” in a relationship. We are exposed to so many different cultures and ideas now in our globalized world that it is not surprising we are seeing a refreshing reemergence in the idea of romance – though not necessarily in it’s most traditional forms. 

We have seen a re-emergence and delight in traditional materials, from brass and copper to cathedral detail. We take the traditional and give it a modern twist – breathing a new life and radiance into materials, art, customs and fashion. As well as materials we see are finding refreshing ways to show our romantic side, from pride branding and hyper coupling (interesting ways that couples are finding to connect) to showing our affection through sarcastic, funny comments and handmade cards. A refreshing radiance.

This trend is being reflected in colors that evoke a sense of both radiance and romance. Neutrals and naturals are key and the sparkle of new love is reflected in some of the soft metallic hues and traditional warm shades that are given a modern twist with bronze and brass, smoky graphite and soft white.